Fly bonnets, bandage and wraps

Fly bonnets

Our fly masks are handmade in Italy with Egyptian cotton.
Available in different sizes, from the Shetland to the XL-sized horse, or tailor-made.
The choice of Egyptian cotton dyed with Dantren (a solid color that doesn’t fade with washing) and the accurate execution make of our masks an item sought after by horsemen and horsewomen. They can be fully coordinated with saddlecloths.


Acrylic bandages available in the sizes 2.50 m for ponies and 3.75 m for horses.


Available in 3 segments for front legs and 4 segments for hind legs, worn diagonally to cover the hamstring.
Made with most of our materials, Week End, Madras and cotton.
Made with a 300 gr/m2 padding of resin wadding, a treatment that allows the pillow to keep the same volume even after many washings.